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Workers from coast to coast are standing together for better wages, working conditions, benefits and more.

The number of people involved in major work stoppages last year increased nearly 50%. This year, we’re on track to break that record.

We’re not waiting for politicians to step in. We’re taking matters into our own hands and saying, “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.” Because while productivity and economic growth is increasing, workers are still seeing sluggish wage growth and low job quality. These strikes could make a real impact in reversing that trend.

Visit our strike map to find a picket line or donate to support striking workers.

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Striking performers and delivery workers have been making big national headlines, but other striking workers include meatpackers, journalists, correctional workers, professors, tech workers, autoworkers, baristas, hotel workers, book sellers…and the list goes on.

It’s not right that corporations are reporting billions in record profits while workers’ wages, benefits and protections continually decline.

Thank you for supporting a striking worker who is standing up for a better life.